Ring Alarm Motion Detector (2nd Gen) (1-Pack) - White (New)


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    Ring Alarm Motion Detector expands your Ring Alarm and adds an extra layer of security to your home. When your Ring Alarm system is armed, the Motion Detector sends instant alerts to your phone and tablet whenever motion is detected at home. The Motion Detector is a simple addition to your Ring Alarm that installs in minutes. Simply place your Motion Detector in a corner of any room in your home, connect it to your Ring Alarm Base Station, and you’re all set up!


    Get instant mobile alerts when motion is detected

    Now smaller to enable increased placement options

    Easy installation with no tools required

    Mounts to room corners and flat walls

    Uses two AA batteries

    Requires the Ring Alarm Base Station

    Additional Information

    Model Number: 4SP1SZ-0EN0

    UPC: 842861111057

    Ring Alarm Motion Detector (2nd Gen) (1-Pack) - White (New)