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Aventon Level.2 Commuter Step-Through eBike w/ 60 miles Range - S/M - Himalayan (Used)


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**Will show signs of scratches and scrapes, but is in full working condition**

The Level.2 Step-through is the ultimate ride for comfort and ease-of-use. Equipped with preinstalled fenders, a study rear rack, and front suspension fork, you'll be protected from the elements and transporting all your essentials in comfort and style, no matter where your journey takes you. Effortlessly hop on or off with the step-through frame while its integrated battery and front, rear, and fender lights will take you further than ever and keep you safe on the road. Engineered with a torque sensor, Level 2 Step-through instinctually matches your riding efforts, either magnifying your pedaling efforts or letting you solely pedal to your own power.


Torque Sensor - Whether you pedal to your max or at a steady pace, Level.2 Step-through's upgraded torque sensor intuitively meets you where you're at and multiplies your efforts. Experience a more natural riding style while reducing battery juice and extending your riding range!

Color Display - Aventon's Full Color Display tracks battery life, distance traveled, and so much more. Featuring a USB for phone charging, it also offers mobile app sync abilities, where you can access even more riding insights and connect with the Aventon community!

Front Suspension - A front suspension fork with up to 65mm of travel means you can ride anywhere, anytime, in utmost comfort. Whether it's a day out on the trails or an afternoon around the neighborhood!

Rack & Fenders - Transport all that you need, whether heading to work or hitting the trails, with a pre-installed rear rack, while fenders will protect you from the elements, rain or shine.

Hub Motor & Battery - A powerful 750W rear hub motor, fully integrated battery with fast charging capabilities and upgraded torque sensor will get you where you need to go in record time, with battery still


The bike may be "bound" to the previous owner's account, which means that you may not be able to change the name on the bike through the app. This does not, however, affect the usability of the item - you can still change the speed modes through the Aventon app, as well as have full visibility to the mileage and battery percentages once you are connected through the app.


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Model Number: LCS003

UPC: 660845954939

Aventon Level.2 Commuter Step-Through eBike w/ 60 miles Range - S/M - Himalayan (Used)