Mophie UV Sanitizer with Wireless Charging for Smartphones - White

by Mophie
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Level up your cleaning game with the mophie UV sanitizer with wireless charging. Kill 99.99% of the most common surface bacteria on your phone in 5 minutes and keep your battery out of the red with just one device.* The UV-C bulbs keep germs, including the most common surface bacteria, at bay no matter your phone size or brand. Best of all, the mophie UV sanitizer with wireless charging kills bacteria on all the hardest-to-reach surfaces without heat, liquid, or chemicals that could damage your device. And it’s completely quiet. Bacteria isn’t safe on other items either. Toss your keys, remote control, or earbuds into the mophie UV sanitizer for a quick clean-up. Clean phone but low on battery? Just place your Qi-enabled smartphone on the wireless charging surface and charging begins on contact all while you’re sanitizing a second device.


Anti-bacterial technology

No heat or liquid used

Short sanitation cycle

Sanitizes most devices

Universal wireless charging lid

Cleans quietly