BodyGuardz Pure 2 EyeGuard Glass Blue Light Screen Protector - iPhone 11 Pro

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Pure 2 EyeGuard filters up to 43% of the more harmful artificial blue light emitted by electronic devices, protecting you from digital eye strain. High energy, artificial blue light emitted by mobile devices can be the cause of digital eye strain. Pure 2 EyeGuard filters up to 43% of the most harmful blue light wavelengths while maintaining bright vibrant colors and protecting the screen from drops and scratches with case-friendly, edge-to-edge tempered glass. A unique bluish – not yellow – tinge in the glass is what helps block the harmful light, but when it’s on your device it will not discolor the screen nor compromise clarity. When you register for the BodyGuardz Advantage Program, replacements are free for the life of the device. *All you pay is a shipping.


  • Blocks harmful blue light
  • Impact & scratch resistant
  • Edge to Edge protection