Chromo Inc 160 LED Video Lights - One Pack

by Chromo
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(Chromo Inc) 160 LED Video Lights - One Pack - New


Use the LED Continuous Light Panel to improve the quality of your pictures and video or provide extra lighting to an entire room! This handy light panel features 160 high-quality LED bulbs that enhance the quality of your videos or photos, even containing a dimmer switch for adjustable brightness.

The kit comes with three filters - clear, pink, and orange - so you can add color effects to your lighting, as well provide color balancing. This light panel can be used with a variety of battery types for up to three days of consistent light, including AA, HI-MH, Sony lithium, or Panasonic lithium batteries.

Perfect for use during power outages; it'll put your "high powered" flashlight to shame!

Key Features:

  • 160 high-quality LED bulbs
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Able to light entire rooms or improve photo/video lighting
  • 3 filters included
  • Can be used with a variety of battery typesIncluded connector connects the light to your camera via hot shoe/cold shoe found on thousands of Canon, Nokia, Olympus, and other models
  • Can be mounted to a stand with a 1/4" screw mount