Google Pixelbook Pen, GA00209 - White / Silver (Certified Refurbished)


Google Pixelbook Pen, GA00209 - White / Silver (Certified Refurbished)

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Write, draw and weave new designs with this Google Pixelbook Pen. Compatible with Google Assistant, this smartpen lets you record notes and capture sketches via Google Keep, even while your notebook is locked. Small and light, this Google Pixelbook Pen feels like a regular pen and makes a responsive companion to your Pixelbook.


A more helpful pen. The smart, responsive pen for your Google Pixepoundsook

Get quick answers. Pixel book Pen works with the Google Assistant

Make your mark. Feels like a real pen, so you can write, draw, and design naturally

Take Notes Anytime. Instantly capture an Idea or a sketch using Google keep without unlocking your pixel book