JBL Under Armour True Flash In-Ear Earbuds Wireless - Black (Refurbished)


JBL Under Armour True Flash In-Ear Earbuds Wireless - Black (Refurbished)

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UA True Wireless Flash, true wireless earbuds, offers a truly cord-free experience to push yourself further during any workout. The Under Armour IPX7 waterproof technology and Sport Flex Fit ear tips were crafted specifically for all condition training while the JBL Charged Sound was boldly optimized and tuned for motivation with deep bass. Hear your surroundings with Bionic Hearing featuring TalkThru Technology to quickly interact with your workout partner, and Ambient Aware Technology to hear your surroundings for increased safety while wearing these wireless headphones. With a total of 25 hours of battery life and a durable aluminum charging case, these headphones truly break the limits. Under Armour is built on performance. Known for its advanced material science technology that is incorporated into women's and men's shirts and shoes, Under Armour is now bringing its material and design expertise to headphones, making all athletes better.


BIONIC HEARING: Using unique JBL sound and mic technology, Bionic Hearing allows you to hear your surroundings with two sound Technologies – TalkThru and Ambient Aware

TALKTHRU TECHNOLOGY: With TalkThru Technology, music is lowered and speech is amplified so you can easily chat with a workout partner between sets

AMBIENTAWARE: AmbientAware delivers a more immersive music experience while increasing ambient sounds, providing the safety of hearing your surroundings

BLUETOOTH WIRELESS: Easy-to-connect Bluetooth technology delivers a cable-free, zero-distraction performance

ALUMINUM CHARGING CASE: Featuring a sleek, aluminum sliding design, the charging case has a fabric cord and ensures your headphones are recharged quickly and safely