LG SPQ5-W Subwoofer ONLY (Pre-Owned)


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    To help you avoid running wires from the front of your listening room to the back, the subwoofer connects to a soundbar wirelessly. The subwoofer then can outputs directly to the surround speakers with wires. 

    Wireless Subwoofer Feel the subtle rumble of distant thunder and earthshattering sounds as they pound the air around you.


    WIRELESS SUBWOOFER: Feel the subtle rumble of distant thunder and earthshattering sound as it pounds the air around you in the wireless subwoofer that boasts a frequency response

    SMART SOUND TECHNOLOGY: The soundbar automatically analyzes the content and optimizes the sound setting for the best experience

    GAME MODE: Claim more glorious victories with a special setting that boosts game sound effects

    CLUTTER-FREE WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth connectivity for easy wireless connections allows you to enjoy music from your mobile devices with no strings attached

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    Power Adapter

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    Model Number: SPQ5-W

    UPC: 732262047379

    LG SPQ5-W Subwoofer ONLY (Pre-Owned)
    LG SPQ5-W Subwoofer ONLY (Pre-Owned)