LG Tone Pro HBS-780 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset - Black (Pre-Owned)

by LG
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Built with superior audio quality in mind, the Tone Pro® Bluetooth Stereo Headset by LG is comfortable, powerful, and specifically designed for balanced, quality audio. Thanks to Dual MEMS Microphone technology and a lightweight design, the Tone Pro® delivers premium, unparalleled sound in an earpiece that is secure and comfortable enough for extended wear. The Tone Pro® also features LG’s Advance Quad Layer Speaker™ technology and a smart user experience that provides integrated control of features such as Tone & Talk, Voice Memo, and Find-Me. With a Bluetooth range of thirty-three feet and a 10.5-hour rechargeable battery, the Tone Pro® Bluetooth Stereo Headset by LG is the ultimate headset for superior audio and exceptional voice clarity.


- Comfortable and lightweight with low profile wires for excellent durability

- State of the Art Dual MEMS Microphone technology for exceptional voice clarity

- LG's Advanced Quad Layer Speaker technology for superior, balanced sound quality

- 10.5-hour rechargeable battery

- Bluetooth wireless range of 33 feet

- Intelligent user controls and smart features like Tone Talk, Voice Memo, and Find-Me