LifeProof Replacement Belt Clip for iPhone 4S - Black (New)


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    LifeProof iPhone 4S Belt Clip - Black (78-35641) - New


    The LifeProof Belt Clip for iPhone 4/4s transforms any ordinary belt into a iPhone holster. These days, it can seem like the Wild West out there, only instead of corrals and cattle drives, modern workers are faced with office suites, job sites, and morning commutes. Either way, it’s important to stay quick on the draw with your iPhone 4/4s. So, holster your trusty LifeProof-protected iPhone 4/4s in the LifeProof Belt Clip. Built with top-shelf materials and a streamlined design, the Belt Clip can handle whatever the day dishes out and never snags your clothes or other gear. And, just like the LifeProof case that protects it, the Belt Clip gives you full access to your iPhone’s every feature, function, and control.


    • Accepts LifeProof iPhone 4 + iPhone 4S case
    • Use with included 1.5-Inch or 2-Inch belt clips. (Note: one clip must be selected for permanent fitment - the fitted clip cannot be changed after fitting)
    • Adjustable for portrait or landscape orientation
    • All buttons and features accessible in mount, including speaker and microphone
    • Streamlined design won't snag clothing
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    Model Number: 78-35641

    UPC: 681920174264

    LifeProof Replacement Belt Clip for iPhone 4S - Black (New)