Mophie Juice Pack Access 2000mAh Battery Case for iPhone X / iPhone XS -Deep Red

by Mophie
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Product Overview:

Stay powered past Sunset with juice pack access. This protective case with a Built-in battery helps extend the life of your iPhone, All while maintaining full access to its ports. Featuring an on-demand battery with just a push of a button, The Juice pack access tops off your phone’s battery when you need it most. Send more messages or stream more videos without worrying about your battery going into the Red.

Key Features:

Charge on the go: Extra battery when you need it - the built-in battery has enough juice to get you through a long day.

Lightning port access: Full access to the lightning port: With full access to the lightning port, you can always use your EarPods to listen or talk while you charge.

Wireless easy power: The juice pack access battery case is compatible with most wireless chargers.

Convenient: Wireless and USB-C Input: You can recharge the juice pack access battery case, wirelessly or through the USB-C port.

Protection: High-impact protection. A tough polycarbonate exterior dissipates impact, helping to protect your iPhone from bumps and drops.