Netgear - DST Wireless Adapter for Wi-Fi Routers - White (Refurbished)


Netgear - DST Wireless Adapter for Wi-Fi Routers - White (Refurbished)

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NETGEAR DEAD SPOT TERMINATOR Wireless Adapter for Nighthawk R7300 Routers: This adapter plugs into an electric outlet to extend the range of your wireless network. The router (sold separately) uses the electric wiring in your home to send a signal the adapter can receive and rebroadcast as a secondary network.


Compatible with the NETGEAR Nighthawk R7300 This adapter is designed to work seamlessly with the Nighthawk R7300 router for easy, plug-and-play setup. (Router sold separately.)

Wireless-AC for a fast connection Gigabit Wi-Fi is great for bandwidth-intensive applications, like streaming video, playing online video games and more. Backward compatibility with 802.11n networks means your old devices won't be left behind.

Gigabit LAN port for wired devices The adapter has a single Ethernet port so you can connect an additional wired device to your network.

Find the best outlet for a high-performance connection The adapter indicates the signal strength of an outlet so you can tell if it's a good place to plug in.