NETGEAR Meural Smart WiFi Photo Frame and HD Display for Photos - Gray (Certified Refurbished)


    Condition: Certified Refurbished

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    The Meural WiFi Photo Frame Powered by NETGEAR (MC315GDW-100PAS) lets you share special moments privately and securely almost instantly on a beautiful crystal-clear 15.6” display. No matter where you are, Meural makes it simple and easy to send photos from your phone directly to your frame over WiFi. It’s a fully connected, picture-perfect way to share your favorite photos with your favorite people.Meural makes it seamless for you to enjoy and manage your photos. Manage your canvas and schedule your content to display when you want to see it. Meural updates your photo library automaticaly so you don’t have to. Link your photo albums to your Meural Canvas so you can spend less time organizing your photos and more time appreciating them. When did we go on that trip again? Where was this awesome restaurant? Just by swiping up on your Meural Canvas, you can view details about your photos and remember where and when they were captured. Meural will automatically adjust the display brightness based on the amount of light in your room and goes to sleep when it’s dark.Your Meural WiFi Photo Frame can also display the 100 included famous pieces of art. Use Discover in the Meural app to browse through 30,000+ artworks. Now you can instantly share life’s cherished moments and discover a world of art straight from your Meural WiFi Photo Frame.


    FROM PHONE TO MEURAL INSTANTLY: Easily upload, crop and showcase your pictures, NFTs, and 15 second video clips from your phone to digital picture frame with the Meural App.

    LINK PHOTO ALBUMS ONCE, VIEW INSTANTLY: Link any Apple or Android Photo albums to a Meural digital photo frame and enjoy new photos as they automatically sync to your Meural.

    PERFECT GIFT OF INSTANT, ENDLESS SHARING, ANYTIME: Invite others to link and instantly share with your Meural. Can also auto share your photos with other Meural smart frames.

    SECURE & PRIVATE: Skip social media and keep your personal memories private. Only you control who sees your content.

    ORGANIZE & SCHEDULE VIEWING: Curate your photos into personalized playlists and schedule to play at different times of the day or on special occasions.

    AUTO DETECTS ORIENTATION: Horizontal or vertical, Meural digital frame will quickly adapt images for the best fit. Includes sturdy built-in collapsible stand and wall mount.

    EXCEPTIONAL DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY W/ PERFECT BRIGHTNESS: 1920x1080p Full HD (up to 4K photos) with IPS anti-glare and TruArt technology for lifelike any angle viewing. Meural electronic picture frame auto adjusts its brightness and goes to sleep when it’s dark.

    100 FREE WORKS OF ART & LIBRARY OF 30,000+ AVAILABLE: Enjoy an art sampler of 100 classic and newer works of art or expand your library with a Meural Membership (sold separately, $69.95 annually).

    Digital storage capacity: 24.0 GB

    Additional Information

    Model Number: MC315GDW

    UPC: 606449150322

    NETGEAR Meural Smart WiFi Photo Frame and HD Display for Photos - Gray (Certified Refurbished)
    NETGEAR Meural Smart WiFi Photo Frame and HD Display for Photos - Gray (Certified Refurbished)
    NETGEAR Meural Smart WiFi Photo Frame and HD Display for Photos - Gray (Certified Refurbished)