Otterbox Amplify Screen Protector for iPhone 6 Plus / 7 Plus / 8 Plus - Clear

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Otterbox Amplify iPhone 6/7/8+ (77-61901) - New


Made from fortified glass, Amplify Screen Protectors deliver premium touchscreen protection against scratches, dings and falls. The anti-shatter design defends your screen's honor while reactive touch technology retains your display's sensitivity. All this while still flaunting easy installation and a crystal clear touchscreen experience. The Amplify Screen Protector line is precision cut to fit a variety of Otter Box cases. But what if you don't use a case? Amplify Screen Protectors are also available in a stand-alone option that still gives you hardcore screen protection without a case. Whichever you choose, Amplify Screen Protectors let you take on your world with confidence.


- Anti-Shatter: fortified to avoid splintering, shattering, scratches, cuts and dings

- Reactive Touch: retains your touchscreens responsiveness

- Flawless Clarity: maintains your phones pristine display quality