Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 (Black & White) (EI-T5600KWEGUS) - 4Pack (New)


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    The all-new Galaxy SmartTag2 is your ultimate tool for keeping track of the things that matter most. Its innovative ring design lets you attach it practically anywhere, and its water resistance makes it ideal for outdoor adventures. Plus, with an impressive battery life that lasts up to 500 days along with Compass View and Search Nearby features, you can forget about forgetting your belongings once and for all. It also helps activate various IoT devices with just a click. 


    Redesigned to do even more - The redesigned Galaxy SmartTag2 is made so you can keep calm and keep track.¹ Its design makes it easy for you to tag and carry your belongings.

    It is also IP67-rated, water and dust-resistant,² activates your compatible IoT devices³ and stays powered for up to 500 days⁴. Turn on Power Saving Mode⁵ and extend the battery life for up to 40% longer..

    Relax, you've got it tagged - No need to retrace your steps. Simply register a new Galaxy SmartTag2 and get started right away with SmartThings Find. With its intuitive tracking experience, you now have a way to keep track of things you love right in the palm of your hand.¹

    Search near when it's not far - Lose something? Switch on Search Nearby⁶ and get guided instructions to your item's location via Compass View. ⁷ If you still don't see it, just ring your Galaxy SmartTag2 to have it send out an audible signal.

    Help bring your stuff back home - When Lost Mode⁸ is activated, NFC (Near Field Communication) from Galaxy SmartTag2 will display your registered contact information and a message on the finder's smartphone, no matter their OS.

    ¹Requires Samsung Galaxy smartphones or tablets running Android 11.0 or later with 3GB or more of free RAM; user must optin to the SmartThings Find app and be logged in to Samsung Account. Bluetooth range of up to 120m without obstacles;

    if Galaxy SmartTag2 is out of range, Galaxy Find Network will be used to track (Galaxy Find Network accuracy based on opt-in Galaxy users who are inrange of the SmartTag).

    ²Consistent with IP67 rating, water resistant in up to 1M (3 feet) of water for up to 30 minutes. Rinse residue / dry after wet.

    ³Through the SmartThings app, allows 2 preset conditions at a time. A preset condition can be either an IoT device or a SmartThings routine.

    ⁴Expected performance based on typical use with in-box CR2032 battery. Actual battery life may vary depending on different usage patterns, environmental conditions, the replacement battery manufacturer, and other factors.

    ⁵Non-Power Saving Mode, expected battery life under typical usage conditions is up to 500 days. Power Saving Mode is limited to basic Bluetooth finding functions (for example, Search Nearby signal indicator and map).

    ⁶Requires Bluetooth, range up to 120m without obstacles; accuracy may be reduced if there's an obstacle between you and the tag, such as when the tag is inside a drawer, behind a wall, or in a car. Samsung Account log-in and registration on SmartThings Find app is required.

    ⁷Only available with ultra-wideband (UWB) enabled Galaxy smartphones running Android 11.0 or higher (Galaxy Note20 Ultra, S21+ and Ultra, S22+ and Ultra, S23+ and Ultra, Z Fold2 and up). Samsung Account log-in and registration on SmartThings Find app is required.

    ⁸Must opt in via SmartThings app and pre-register your email. Finder's device must support NFC reading and be connected to Internet.

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    Model Number: EI-T5600KWEGUS

    UPC: 887276782812

    Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 (Black & White)  (EI-T5600KWEGUS) - 4Pack (New)
    Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 (Black & White)  (EI-T5600KWEGUS) - 4Pack (New)
    Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 (Black & White)  (EI-T5600KWEGUS) - 4Pack (New)