Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Book Cover Keyboard Case - Gray (Refurbished)


Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Book Cover Keyboard Case - Gray (Refurbished)

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Unlock the full potential of your Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 with Samsung's Keyboard Cover. A sophisticated textured design protects your device from bumps, drops and scratches. Quickly and simply set up this keyboard with the intuitive POGO pin connectors. Equipped with everything you need for an authentic laptop-like look and feel. Maximize productivity while keeping your tablet safe from everyday mishaps.


  • Stylishly efficient - Start typing in a flash. With its sophisticated texture design and intuitive pogo pin connectors to simplify setup and speed up usage Time the Galaxy Tab S6 book cover keyboard is equally practical as it is pleasing to the eye.
  • Unlock the full potential - with the book cover keyboard, you can elevate your productivity with dex mode. Apps can be opened in multiple separate and resizable Windows letting you do even more with the power of the Galaxy Tab S6.
  • Type confidently - Manage your workflow with better proficiency. The Galaxy Tab S6 book cover keyboard features a sensible, user-friendly key placement with longer Pitch and stroke to significantly improve overall accuracy and Boost productivity. Plus, it includes a touchpad for laptop-like navigation.