Samsung PS-WB65D Subwoofer Only (Pre-Owned)


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    Product Overview

    Introducing the Samsung PS-WB65D Subwoofer, where exceptional audio performance meets sleek design. Elevate your sound experience to new heights, whether you're watching movies, jamming to music, or gaming. This subwoofer is the perfect addition to your entertainment setup.

    Key Features:

    Deep, Resonant Bass: The Samsung PS-WB65D Subwoofer delivers thunderous, room-filling bass, thanks to its 160-watt power. Feel the pulse, immerse in the action, and let your audio come to life with powerful, immersive lows.

    Customizable Sound: Tailor your audio experience with adjustable bass levels. Whether you prefer a gentle thump or a chest-rumbling bass, the PS-WB65D Subwoofer gives you the control to fine-tune your sound.

    Sleek and Modern Design: With its minimalist design, this subwoofer seamlessly complements your interior décor. It's not just about great sound; it's about a visually pleasing addition to your home.

    Effortless Setup: Setting up the Samsung PS-WB65D Subwoofer is hassle-free. Its user-friendly interface and straightforward instructions ensure you can enjoy premium sound in no time.

    Samsung Quality: Trust in the name synonymous with innovation and top-notch technology. Samsung consistently delivers superior products, and the PS-WB65D Subwoofer is no exception.

    Experience audio like never before with the Samsung PS-WB65D Subwoofer. Whether you're watching movies, grooving to your favorite tunes, or gaming, this subwoofer takes your audio to the next level with deep, powerful bass. Elevate your sound game and make the PS-WB65D Subwoofer the heart of your entertainment setup. Get ready to feel the bass rumble!

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    Power Adapter

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    Model Number: PS-WB65D

    UPC: 732262047478

    Samsung PS-WB65D Subwoofer Only (Pre-Owned)
    Samsung PS-WB65D Subwoofer Only (Pre-Owned)
    Samsung PS-WB65D Subwoofer Only (Pre-Owned)