TYLT Slim Boost Battery Pack w/ Lightning Connector(1300mAh) - Silver


TYLT Slim Boost Battery Pack w/ Lightning Connector(1300mAh) - Silver

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TYLT Slim Boost Battery Pack - Silver - 1300mAh - New


The TYLT Slim Boost Portable Power Pack has a rechargeable 1300 mAh internal battery that provides up to one-half of a phone charge. The convenient, built-in charging arm eliminates the need to carry around any extra cables that just simply get in the way. The SLIM BOOST is available with a built-in Micro-USB, or Lightning connector and it includes a white Micro-USB charging cable (1ft) for recharging the power bank. It outputs 1A for charging.


  • SLIM, LIGHTWEIGHT POWER FOR YOUR MICRO-USB DEVICE: This small credit card sized backup power supply can easily fit in your wallet. It weighs only 1.4 ounces, and can keep any of your Micro-USB smartphones or devices charged on the go. Don't get weighed down by heavy power banks or frustrating cords, go slim.
  • INTEGRATED MICRO USB CHARGING ARM: Save time and frustration by never having to worry about carrying around a charging cord again. The integrated Micro-USB charging arm folds into the device's body to keep this backup charger slim and portable for travel or the daily commute.
  • SLIM BOOST HAS YOUR BACK: Use our rechargeable 1300mAh backup battery pack again and again. This external phone charger is designed to be thin and portable, and it can provide up to one half of a full charge for that crucial moment when you need an energy boost the most, especially in an emergency when your phone just has to work.
  • COMES WITH 1 FT CHARGING CORD: The 1 foot Micro-USB to USB cord comes included with the Slim Boost for easy recharging. The Micro-USB charging cord allows for fast recharging while you're on the go.