Wemo Stage Scene with Thread Smart Home Remote Control for Apple HomeKit (New)


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    The Stage Scene Controller connects to the Apple Home app and allows you to create and manage up to six scenes for lighting, entertainment, security, and temperature for a customized, comfortable home. The simple long-press and short-press operation makes storing scenes easy. No hardwired installation is needed—the controller can be mounted almost anywhere, or it can be used as a handheld remote. It’s the ideal control center for all your HomeKit-enabled devices.


    EASY SMART HOME CONTROL: Integrating exclusively with Apple HomeKit the Wemo Stage Scene Controller allows you to control multiple smart bulbs, smart light switches, and other smart home gadgets with ease.

    BUILT WITH THREAD: Thread technology allows smart home products to connect faster and more reliably than ever. The Wemo Stage Scene Controller also supports Bluetooth if your device doesn’t support Thread

    MULTI-DEVICE CONTROL - With 3 distinct buttons, each with single, double, and long-click sensitivity you can control up to 9 different devices, or set them up to control your Apple HomeKit Scenes and make smart home automation easy with just a click

    SIMPLE SETUP: with Apple HomeKit and NFC setting up the smart light switch is easy. Just tap your unlocked iPhone on the smart switch, and follow the prompts to start controlling your smart home products in seconds

    EASY INSTALLATION - The Wemo Stage Scene controller mounts easily in an empty light switch faceplate, or can be used as a wireless light switch and handheld remote control

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    Model Number: WSC010

    UPC: 745883809196

    Wemo Stage Scene with Thread Smart Home Remote Control for Apple HomeKit (New)