ZAGG Invisible Shield Glass Edge to Edge Anti-glare Anti-fingerprint - iPhone 11

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ZAGG Screen protector Matte Anti-Glare Finish for iPhone 11/XR (4461M) - New


Complete your smartphone protection with this Zagg InvisibleShield Glass + Anti-Glare screen protector for Apple iPhone XR. The smudge-resistant coating keeps fingerprints from marring your screen, while the matte finish eliminates the glare of reflected sunlight or harsh fluorescents. Precision surface finishing on this Zagg InvisibleShield Glass + Anti-Glare screen protector gives it reliable resistance from scratches, and Ion Matrix technology retains the smooth look of the glass.


  • Designed for use with Apple iPhone XR cell phones
  • Tempered-glass construction provides durable protection while maintaining touch-screen sensitivity.
  • Scratch-resistant design protects your device's screen against damage.
  • Included microfiber cleaning cloth for wiping down your device's screen before applying the screen protector.