Zagg Power amp 6 Portable Charger (6000mAh) - Gold


Zagg Power amp 6 Portable Charger (6000mAh) - Gold

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Zagg Power AMP 6 Portable Charger Gold - 6000mAh - New


Don’t miss out because of a dead battery. The ZAGG Power Amp 6 keeps you powered by delivering 6000mAh of power, enough to charge most phones at least twice. And who has time to slow down to charge? Not you. The Power Amp 6 charges your devices fast via 2.4A output; plus it includes Quick Chip technology that automatically detects and delivers the fastest charge possible for your device. And with a built-in flashlight and universal USB port, you’ll never fumble in the dark trying to get your cable connected. Just plug in and get charged.


  • 6000mAh of portable power gives you up to Two full Phone Charges so you can stay connected all the time, everywhere.
  • Quick chip technology Detects what kind of Device you have and adapts to provide the fastest charge possible.
  • Fast 2.4A pass-through power courses into your devices through a universal USB port so you can get charged quicker - even when your power Amp is plugged in.
  • A bright LED flashlight makes it easy to find your way in the dark while you power up.