Anker 548 Power Bank 60,000mAh (PowerCore Reserve 192WH) - Army Green (Refurbished)


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    Keep your devices fully charged while on the go with the 548 Power Bank PowerCore Reserve 192Wh. This portable charger features an up to 60,000mAh battery capacity and allows you to simultaneously charge multiple devices. Charge an iPhone 14 more than 10 times, a MacBook Air up to 2.9 times, or power a 3W LED lamp for 42.3 hours before needing to recharge.¹ The retractable light and SOS button provide emergency lighting for safety in power outages or other emergency situations. And, it seamlessly integrates with solar panels (sold separately) to recharge the battery.


    1. Sustainable Power Anywhere: Harness the sun's energy with solar panel compatibility for eco-conscious charging on-the-go. This Anker power station is ideal for maintaining your devices powered while you're out and about.

    2. Safety in Your Pocket: This Anker power station comes with a built-in retractable light and an SOS button, providing peace of mind during unexpected emergencies and ensuring you're always prepared.

    3. Power Duo for Your Devices: Charge a laptop and a phone swiftly with 60W and 27W USB-C ports on this Anker power station, keeping all your gadgets ready and operational no matter where you are.

    4. Uninterrupted Connectivity: A robust 60,000mAh Anker power bank battery ensures your iPhone 14 stays charged over 10 times, or keeps a 3W LED lamp lit for 42.3 hours during prolonged outings or blackouts, so you do not have to worry about losing power.

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    Model Number: A1294061

    UPC: 194644124847

    Anker 548 Power Bank 60,000mAh (PowerCore Reserve 192WH) - Army Green (Refurbished)