Aventon Level Commuter Step-Through Ebike w/ 40-mile Range - S/M - Earth Gray (Refurbished)


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    The Level Step-Through is designed for riders who rate comfort and ease-of-use as highly as they do functionality. Built-in fenders, a versatile rack, and ride tempering front suspension mean that, wherever you go, you'll be riding in comfort, carrying all you need, whilst safely protected from the elements below. With the same technology under the hood as our beloved Level Commuter ebike, but with a lower center of gravity and a step-through for the less able-bodied amongst us, the Level Step-Through will keep up with the traffic during the week, and even the fastest of grandchildren on the weekend.


    Backlit LCD Display - Keep an eye on your range, pedal assist level, speed, and distance traveled when they're displayed on an easy-to-read LCD mounted onto your handlebars.

    Front Suspension - Comfort is taken to the next level with a nimble front tire and integrated suspension fork. Both are designed to absorb the roughest part of the trail or pavement beneath your wheels.

    Rack & Fenders - Ride anywhere and everywhere with confidence when you're protected from the elements underneath you with built-in fenders. An integrated rack means you can bring along everything you may need for your day, with the power of your ebike to help you carry it.

    Hub Motor & Battery - An almost silent hub motor and integrated battery ensure a quiet ride! Keep up with the traffic, or the grandkids, no matter how much you're carrying on your rack with our powerful 750W (peak) motor and extended life battery.

    Pedal Assist & Throttle - Comfortably controllable from your handlebars the throttle ensures that you can get that little extra boost when you really need it, whilst pedal assist allows you to make your ride as energy-consuming as your choice for you or your battery.

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    Model Number: 95005

    UPC: 660845950054

    Aventon Level Commuter Step-Through Ebike w/ 40-mile Range - S/M - Earth Gray (Refurbished)