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    Dixie & Charli 18" Color LED Ring Light, Floor Stand, 3 Phone Holders & Remote (Certified Refurbished)


    Condition: Certified Refurbished

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    Fall in love with the Dixie & Charli 18" Sphere Color LED Ring Light! This professional quality ring light comes with a 63” floor stand, phone holder, and both a wireless & wired remote control. The purpose of this ring light is for you to illuminate your life to make the perfect content. Social media stars Dixie and Charli D’Amelio know the secret to viral posts is picture-perfect lighting. This ring light will offer you professional and beautiful lighting that will make you look and feel your best while capturing content.


    SOFT & BRIGHT LIGHTS: This 18” Color LED Ring light is designed with 11 playful colors that mimic the colors of the rainbow. There are 6 color modes that include: red, yellow, green, blue, cyan, pink, and 3 white light modes that include: Warm, cool, and natural to create that perfect mood lighting

    ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS: Not only can you change the ring light to many colors but you can also adjust the amount of light coming out of the powerful LED bulbs ranging from 3000k-6000k to ensure the brightness that fits perfectly for you and the environment you are in

    EXTENDABLE FLOOR STAND: This floor stand allows you to set your ring light at the perfect height with an adjustable center pole that ranges in height from 15” to 63”. This floor stand is designed with compact engineering that makes it easy to pack up for the go content creating

    UNIVERSAL SMARTPHONE COMPATIBILITY: The universal phone holder fits many different-sized screens up to 7” (diagonal measurement). The gooseneck attachment to the phone holder allows you to adjust the angle of your phone, and the 360° rotating ball head on the back allows you to frame either vertical or horizontal

    REMOTE CONTROL: The Dixie & Charli ring light is powered by a standard USB with a wireless remote control that gives you convenient access to control the brightness and color temperature of your ring light

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    Model Number: DC-RLCF-18C

    UPC: 810004071261

    Dixie & Charli 18" Color LED Ring Light, Floor Stand, 3 Phone Holders & Remote (Certified Refurbished)