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intelliARMOR UV Portable Smartphone Sanitizer - Black (New)


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Sanitize your smartphone with this IntelliARMOR universal UV sanitizer. Pure UV light effectively kills harmful bacteria, while the roomy interior accommodates devices that are up to 6.9 inches in size. The USB port allows effortless charging on the go. This IntelliARMOR universal UV sanitizer has a robust design that lets you sterilize various items, from pacifiers to jewelry.


UV Shield compact cell phone sanitizer - Sanitizes your phone with pure UV light. Besides, you can clean car keys, jewelry, earbuds, watches, pacifiers, or any other portable items.

Hands-free clean operation - No need for harsh wipes, chemicals, or excessive heat.

Wide-ranging use - Compatible with phones up to 6.9".

Three cleaning modes - Features 5-, 10-, and 15-minute cycles of disinfection.

USB-powered - Easily connect the included USB cable to your UV Shield.

LED indicator - Simply check when the device works.

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Model Number: 22711VRP

UPC: 710382588002

intelliARMOR UV Portable Smartphone Sanitizer - Black (New)
intelliARMOR UV Portable Smartphone Sanitizer - Black (New)