LG TONE Flex HBS-XL7 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset - Black (Certified Refurbished)

by LG
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LG TONE Flex HBS-XL7 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset Black - Certified Refurbished


The flexible LG TONE Flex occupies less storage space and can be easily carried anywhere. Gently pull to extend and pull again to retract for an easy storage management solution. 32-bit Hi-Fi DAC upscales lower quality files to reproduce high-resolution, finely detailed audio that sounds close to the original studio recording. And a composite diaphragm inside the speaker unit helps produce clarity in high and low ranges. The high-strength metal layer creates accurate treble, while a plastic layer produces rich, deep bass.


  • 32-Bit hi-fi dac-get premium-quality sound that lasts for hours. 32-Bit hi-fi DAC upscale audio files to a higher resolution without compromising battery endurance
  • Sound by meridian-experience three-dimensional audio that’s remarkably close to the original recording with rich bass and clear treble
  • Fast access & response from Google assistant - just press and hold the Google Assistant button
  • Dedicated Google assistant button-activate your personal concierge without having to reach for your phone. Just push and hold the dedicated Google assistant button to ask questions or translate many languages
  • Fast charging-no time? No problem. Just 10 minutes of charging will give you three hours of playtime
  • Dual microphones-two mics make sure every conversation is crystal clear
  • Music listening time-8 hours of playtime will keep you in your groove all day long