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    The UE MegaBlast is definitively one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market today. This isn't coming from some random guy writing this description on this particular website. It's coming from all the top experts in the field. I'm not kidding. Google it. The UE MegaBlast is on the top of every reviewer's best Bluetooth speakers list. It's obvious why: the speaker is packed with the best features available, including built in Amazon Alexa, voice control, 100 foot Bluetooth range, fully water proof, shockproof, reckless teenager proof and 360° sound with deep, thundering bass that provides an unbelievable experience. The compact size allows you to effortlessly carry it around wherever you go. It also features a 16 hour battery life and a bunch of other advanced features. Exponentially enhance your listening experience with the MegaBlast. You won't regret it.


    Built-in Amazon Alexa and far field voice control

    Stream music for up to 16 hours with the rechargeable battery

    Enjoy 360° sound with deep and thundering Bass

    Dirt-proof, shockproof and waterproof (IP67) design ensures longevity

    Small, round size for maximum portability

    Bluetooth wireless range up to 100 feet

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    Model Number: 984-001206

    UPC: 097855134301

    Logitech Ultimate Ears Blast Bluetooth Speaker + Power Up - Blizzard