Mophie Juice Pack Qi Wireless Charging Battery Case for Galaxy S9 - Black

by Mophie
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You use your phone for everything-notifications, texting, watching videos, getting directions, taking pictures. It’s a lot to ask of your battery. The Juice Pack battery case made for Samsung Galaxy extends the battery life of the S9 up to a total of 29 hours while maintaining compatibility with any Qi wireless charging system. The slim design feels so light, you’ll forget it’s housing a Built-in battery.


The Juice Pack made for Samsung Galaxy S9 Features a 2, 070Mah battery that can deliver enough power to extend the life of your phone up to a total of 29 hours

The Juice Pack for Samsung Galaxy S9 is compatible with Qi and other wireless systems commonly found in cafés, airports, vehicles, and even some new furniture

The thin, light-weight design is so comfortable in your hand, you’ll forget it has a built-in battery

The Juice Pack made for Samsung Galaxy S9 provides high-impact protection with raised corners, rubberized support pads, and a hard-shell case

Priority+ charging allows pass-through charge and sync while connected to a power source or computer, so your phone recharges first, and then the Juice Pack battery recharges itself