Samsung Fast Charge Power Bundle for Galaxy - Battery Pack, Wireless Charger, Car Charger (Certified Refurbished)

by Samsung
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This bundle includes a Samsung Wireless Charging Stand, Samsung 5100mah Portable Battery Pack, and a Dual-Port Vehicle Charger. It also includes 2 cables - a USB-A to Micro USB Cable and a USB-A to USB-C Cable - bringing this to a total of a 5-pieces power bundle! Fast Charge technology - Charges your phone quickly, while allowing you to simultaneously make calls, browse the Web or check messages. Charge your USB-C compatible device, and other USB-C devices without the Fast Charging feature can also be charged. Detachable USB to USB-C cables allow you to charge your Galaxy or any other smartphone from a PC.


Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand, Black

5100mah Portable Battery Pack

Dual-Port Vehicle Charger

Micro USB cable

USB-A to USB-C cable