Samsung Fast Charge Power Bundle for Galaxy - Battery Pack, Wireless Charger, Car Charger (Refurbished)

by Samsung
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Wireless Charging Stand 5100mAh Portable Battery Pack Dual-Port Vehicle Charger USB-A to Micro USB Cable USB-A to USB-C Cable 5-pieces bundle - Power Pack Fast Charge bundle includes: wireless charging stand, 5100mAh portable battery pack, dual-port vehicle charger, USB-A to microUSB cable, USB-A to USB-C cable. Fast Charge technology - Charges your phone quickly, while allowing you to simultaneously make calls, browse the Web or check messages. Charge your USB-C compatible device - Other USB-C devices without the Fast Charging feature can be charged. Detachable USB to USB-C cable allows you to charge your Galaxy or any other smartphone from PC.


Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand, Black

Includes Fast Charge Travel Charger and Micro USB Cable, White Fast Charge Vehicle Charger, Black

Fast Charge Portable Battery Pack, 5100 mAh, Black

Includes Micro USB cable, Black

USB-A to USB-C cable, White (x2)