Samsung SmartThings Wireless Charger Station - Black (Refurbished)


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    Wirelessly charge your smartphones and earbuds. Fast Charge feature available for even faster charging speeds on select phone models.


    YOUR HOME, IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND: Invite intelligence into your home; Beyond charging your device, SmartThings Station is designed to make your day and night run smoothly with smart features, automated experiences and convenient control of your home*

    SUPER-FAST WIRELESS CHARGING: With Super Fast Wireless Charging, SmartThings Station will charge your compatible phone in no time**

    SIMPLE, INTUITIVE CONNECTION: Start your smart life in a snap; Link your hub through a pop-up on your SmartThings app, then connect your devices seamlessly with QR scanning;*** Preset your devices on the SmartThings app, and now you're ready to customize your smart-home setup to perfection

    DON’T WORRY, YOU’LL FIND IT: Peace of mind now comes in a very small box; Tag your devices with SmartThings Find to know where they are, whether inside or outside your home****

    REIMAGINE YOUR HOME LIFE: Live each day how you like to by connecting your devices, controlling them remotely and personalizing each room and device to run at its full potential; SmartThings Station helps you live your ideal lifestyle and home setup*****

    OPTIMIZE YOUR DAY WITH A BUTTON: More power at your fingertips; Tap, double-tap or hold the Smart Button to control your smart home appliances with personalized functions******

    CHARGE TO ACTIVATE THE NIGHT: When wireless charging is detected, SmartThings Station will make your room comfortable to get you ready for a restful night; Simply set your phone down on the charger and know that your doors are locked, lights are out, temperature is set and more*****

    EMPOWER YOUR DEVICES; ENRICH YOUR LIFESTYLE: Your devices are now in sync; Fully immerse yourself in your work, games and content knowing your home IoT can be controlled through your SmartThings Station

    POWERFUL CHARGER; INTELLIGENT CONTROL HUB: Available in Black or White, SmartThings Station's clean design makes it seamless in any room; It's also packed with convenience and performance, including Direct Air Cooling, a USB-C port, Smart Button, Reset Key and more

    Additional Information

    Model Number: EP-P9500TBEVZW

    UPC: 887276737140

    Samsung SmartThings Wireless Charger Station - Black (Refurbished)
    Samsung SmartThings Wireless Charger Station - Black (Refurbished)
    Samsung SmartThings Wireless Charger Station - Black (Refurbished)