Samsung SWA-W500 Subwoofer ONLY (Pre-Owned)


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    Product Overview

    Introducing the Samsung SWA-W500 Subwoofer, a true powerhouse of audio engineering. Dive into a realm of deep, immersive sound that will elevate your audio experiences to new heights. Whether you're watching a blockbuster movie, grooving to music, or immersing yourself in your favorite video games, this subwoofer will turn ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.

    Key Features:

    Deep, Thunderous Bass: With a commanding 290 watts of power, the Samsung SWA-W500 Subwoofer delivers spine-tingling bass that adds depth and dimension to your audio. Feel the beat, hear the rumble, and transform your space into a captivating soundscape.

    Customizable Sound: Take control of your audio environment with adjustable bass levels. Whether you prefer subtle vibrations or powerful, chest-thumping bass, the SWA-W500 Subwoofer empowers you to fine-tune your sound to perfection.

    Sleek and Modern Design: Designed to complement your décor, the Samsung SWA-W500 boasts a sleek and contemporary look that effortlessly blends with any room. It's not just about exceptional sound; it's about exceptional aesthetics too.

    Effortless Setup: Setting up the Samsung SWA-W500 Subwoofer is a breeze. With its user-friendly interface and straightforward instructions, you'll be immersed in premium sound in no time.

    Samsung Quality: Trust in the name that stands for innovation and cutting-edge technology. Samsung consistently delivers top-tier products, and the SWA-W500 Subwoofer is no exception.

    Elevate your audio experience with the Samsung SWA-W500 Subwoofer. Get ready to feel the music, hear every explosion, and immerse yourself in cinema-quality sound. Raise the bar on your sound game – make the Samsung SWA-W500 Subwoofer the heart of your entertainment setup today. Experience audio in its purest, most captivating form!

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    Power Adapter

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    Model Number: SWA-W500

    UPC: 732262047447

    Samsung SWA-W500 Subwoofer ONLY (Pre-Owned)
    Samsung SWA-W500 Subwoofer ONLY (Pre-Owned)
    Samsung SWA-W500 Subwoofer ONLY (Pre-Owned)
    Samsung SWA-W500 Subwoofer ONLY (Pre-Owned)