Samsung Wireless Charger Fast Car Vehicle Charge (2022) - Black (New)


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    Samsung Wireless Car Charger Vent Mount Holder for Galaxy Qi Devices


    Great for most types of mobile phones that support wireless charging - even foldable!: The Wireless Car Charger holds mobiles of various sizes, even mobiles covered in up to 3mm thick cases. The Wireless Car Charger is compatible with both Android and iOS devices that support wireless charging. So just place your phone in and let it charge! Five different types of mobile devices are facing forward. A Galaxy Fold with the navigation app opened is mounted to the wireless car charger.

    Power up with quickness: Charge your mobile device wirelessly in your car with ease. The 9W Wireless Car Charger supports Samsung Galaxy Devices, and up to 7.5W for iPhones. It even powers Qi-enabled devices up to 5W. The words Max 9W in green are on the screen and the device is mounted to the wireless car charger. On the bottom of the charger, a green light indicates the charging status.

    Automatically holds and releases your phone: Place your device on the charger and the clamp will close automatically to hold your phone securely. It safely releases your phone when the car is turned off. A hand holds the top of a Galaxy Fold. Two arrows on the clamp indicate how the clamp closes to grasp the device. A navigation app is on the phone screen.

    Rotates smoothly for both landscape and portrait views: The Wireless Car Charger rotates, so you can view your screen in landscape or portrait mode. And it fits securely into your car’s air vents to provide plenty of support to hold your device. Two smartphones are mounted horizontally and vertically to the wireless car charger respectively. Both have a navigation app open.

    Attaches to most types of air vents: The wireless car charger mounts tightly to car air vents of various sizes and shapes. Whether the vents are horizontal or vertical, it attaches easily and holds your phone firmly. 'The Wireless Car Charger is mounted on a car air vent. Above, there are two air vent icons, one horizontal and one vertical.

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    Model Number: EP-H5300CBEGUS

    UPC: 887276590462

    Samsung Wireless Charger Fast Car Vehicle Charge (2022) - Black (New)