Sonim Klein SIGNAL PRO Wired PTT Headset - Black


Sonim Klein SIGNAL PRO Wired PTT Headset - Black

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The SIGNAL PRO Wired PTT Headset includes a replaceable audio tube and earpiece for comfortable, all-day use. The SIGNAL PRO’s 2-Wire design allows for the headset cords to be clipped over or under clothes or a uniform, while on the job. Klein custom-designed the SIGNAL PRO headset to reliably connect to Sonim’s SecureAudio 3.5mm Connector. This allows the SIGNAL PRO headset connector to twist into place into the handset. The SIGNAL PRO headset has a large, easy-to-access PTT button, compatible with heavy work gloves.


Compatible with Sonim XP3 and XP3plus handsets

Push-to-Talk and full-duplex wired headset

Professional 2-Wire surveillance earpiece with an audio tube for comfortable, all-day use

Noise reduction microphone

Thumb PTT & microphone in a single housing

Clear quick-disconnect audio acoustic coil tube

Built-in clip to easily attach headset cable to uniform