Sony DualSense Edge Wireless Controller - White (Pre-Owned)


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    Get an edge in gameplay by creating your own custom controlsto fit your playstyle. Built with high performance and personalization in mind, the DualSense Edge wireless controller invites you to craft your own unique gaming experience so you can play your way.


    Ultra-Customizable Controls - Aim and move with precision by swapping in fresh stick modules¹ so you’re always playing with equipment that’s in great shape. Plus, three types of changeable stick caps help you stay comfortable in-game without sacrificing grip or stability.

    Mappable back buttons - The DualSense Edge wireless controller’s two swappable sets of back buttons can be configured to any other button input, so you’ve always got game-changing actions and essential controls at your fingertips.

    Adjustable trigger lengths - Manually set the travel distance of your left and right triggers for an optimal experience with whatever you’re playing.

    Remappable buttons - Remap or even deactivate specific button inputs, so you can create a completely personalized control setup that’s ideal for the game at hand.

    Adjustable stick sensitivity, trigger dead zones, and vibration intensity - Configure your stick sensitivity, stick dead zones, and trigger dead zones for finely tuned inputs, and even set your vibration intensity for a completely customized play experience.

    Quick-swap control profiles - Once you’ve found your ideal control settings, you can save them to unique profiles and swap between them on-the-fly, so your favorite configurations are always ready when you are.

    On-controller user interface - Quickly swap between your pre-set control profiles and adjust game volume and chat balance² all from the DualSense Edge wireless controller’s dedicated function button, allowing you to easily adjust your setup while staying focused on the in-game action.

    DualSense wireless controller features built in - Enjoy all the immersive features of the DualSense wireless controller, including haptic feedback, adaptive triggers³, a built-in microphone, motion controls and more in supported titles.

    Signature comfort and slip-resistant inner grips - Enjoy the same signature comfort of the original DualSense wireless controller, now enhanced with slip-resistant inner grips. Ideal for long sessions in single player games and staying comfortable during intense competitive play.

    Ready for high-stakes play - Play with confidence in your connection using the included USB Type-C braided cable featuring a connector housing that locks your USB in place so it's much less likely to slip out at a crucial moment.

    Made with input from developers and pro players - Designed in collaboration with pro gamers and game developers, the DualSense Edge wireless controller leverages powerful insights to offer new tactical options and enhancements for your favorite games.

    Carrying Case - Keep your DualSense Edge wireless controller and its components together and organized in one spot with an included Carrying Case. You can even charge the controller via USB connection while it's stored in the case to make sure you're always ready for your next play session.

    Quick access profile settings menu - Simply press the Fn button and Options button while in game to open the customization menu, where you can quickly change your settings.

    DualSense charging station - Conveniently charge your DualSense Edge wireless controller with the official DualSense charging station. Easily dock your new controller with the charging station’s click-in design which supports both the DualSense and DualSense Edge wireless controller.

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    Model Number: 1000035016

    UPC: 711719560364

    Sony DualSense Edge Wireless Controller - White (Pre-Owned)
    Sony DualSense Edge Wireless Controller - White (Pre-Owned)
    Sony DualSense Edge Wireless Controller - White (Pre-Owned)
    Sony DualSense Edge Wireless Controller - White (Pre-Owned)