ZENS Liberty 16 Coil Dual Wireless Charging Pad with Glass Surface - Clear Black (Refurbished)


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    The ZENS Liberty is where ultimate freedom meets wireless charging. The 16 overlapping charging coils of the Liberty provide freedom of placement. Most wireless chargers have just one coil in the center of each charging area. This small ‘sweet spot’ requires accurate positioning with the risk of waking up to a phone with an almost empty battery. The Liberty solves this problem with its maximized active charging area, making wireless charging ever more convenient and effortless.


    16 charging coils: In contrast to other charging stations with usually only one induction coil per charging area, the 16 overlapping coils of the ZENS Liberty allow absolutely free placement of your devices

    Ever wondered what's under the hood? The see-through glass surface allows a peek at the 16 charging coils that seamlessly work together to make sure your devices regain their power quickly

    Supports Apple & Samsung Fast Charge: Liberty charges two devices simultaneously, automatically regulates single-device power delivery, and charges any device at the optimized & fastest charging speed

    Built-in USB port to charge a third device: With the built-in USB-A port, a third device like an Apple Watch, Apple Air Pods 1, Samsung Watch, etc. can be charged as well - With the Apple Watch module (sold separately), this wireless charger turns into an Apple watch charger

    High power delivery through USB-C: The Liberty produces enough power to charge both your devices at max. 15 Watts with the braided USB-C cable and the powerful 60W USB-C PD-certified power adapter

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    Model Number: 53992BCW

    UPC: 7438222410490

    ZENS Liberty 16 Coil Dual Wireless Charging Pad with Glass Surface - Clear Black (Refurbished)